Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rafael Martinez Alequin on Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani: 'In The Past I've Done The Impossible'
Actor Voight On Florida Polls: 'Wrong Since The Beginning'

Marcia Kramer ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS) ― Rudy Giuliani is fighting for his political life in Florida. Voters in the Sunshine State will either pump new life into his campaign or put it on life support.

Giuliani's best buddies from his glory days as mayor of New York City are with him in Florida, where polls open bright and early Tuesday morning. However, it's unclear whether they're here for a christening or a funeral.

Giuliani was 30 minutes late for his first campaign event on Monday. The microphone didn't work for actor Jon Voight.

"And I was in New York City … This is not going very well," Voight said.

The crowd was sparse and the polls are heading south. To make matters worse, sources told CBS 2 HD on Monday night that New York Republican leaders are looking for a way to unendorse Giuliani in favor of John McCain.

A new Quinnipiac University poll has McCain at 32 percent. Mitt Romney is at 31, Giuliani at 14 and Mike Huckabee at 13.

That's not the way any candidate wants to close a campaign for his political life.

"In the past I've done the impossible," Giuliani said.

But can he do it this time? Right now it looks like the impossible dream, although Giuliani supporters are trying to be upbeat – especially Voight.

CBS 2 HD: "All the polls show Rudy's not doing well today …"

Voight: "Look at this little gal talking about the polls. The polls are ... guys we all know the polls have been wrong from the beginning."

Giuliani is also trying to put a brave face on a gloomy situation

"We feel very optimistic about this. We think we're getting good crowds," Giuliani said. "We think we're doing well in early voting. We're going to campaign right down to last minute."

Other supporters aren't ready to jump off the bandwagon, but they have definitely moved up in line.

When asked if she is troubled by the fact that Giuliani is not doing well in the polls, former Bayside, N.Y. resident Jeanne Eader didn't mince words.

"Yes, that does trouble me," Eader said.

Dave Lane of Sanford, Fla., said this is not a popularity contest. Issues have to be the determining factor in picking the right candidate.

"You want to cast your vote for what you believe in rather than what you believe is going to win," Lane said.

Giuliani rolled the political dice here in Florida and the way it looks now, it would take a momentous development for him to succeed.

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