Saturday, January 5, 2008


The following is an unconfirmed yet interesting story from an NYPD chatroom. It appears that an NYPD officer brought a female prisoner to a corrections facility. When the prisoner was presented to the CO, the CO refused acceptance. Words were exchanged between the NYPD officer and the CO. When the NYPD officer attempted to leave, he was "detained" by the CO.

Sounds like the Blue Wall of Violence not the Blue Wall of Silence. Here are the following two excerpts in police parlance.

Sector team brings in a stinker of a female collar. Jail Guard tells cop we aint taking her she has to go to the hospital. Cop and guard get into some verbal judo cop tries to leave guard tries to lock gate cop pushes it open it swings back and hits guard. Cop now enters another locked area another guard refuses to let him out. Cop calls the cavalry. And before you know it everyone except the janitor are involved. Seabrook and his people are on scene. Cop wants jail guards locked up for false imprisonment jail guard wants cop locked up for assault.

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The cop never called an 85. He did go over the air and stated he was inside of corrections and the CO's were refusing to let him out. Most of his transmission was garbled. The 5th pct peddler Sgt tried to raise him but got no response. So they responded and called it off soon after they arrived. There are supervisors working at MCB. But it is a big complex and the jail guards werent going to let the cop use their phone.

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