Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The following notice was sent to YFP from the Miami Herald. Looks like the bureaucrats are at it again. Let's hope they are equally diligent about reporting on the primary in their state.

Dear Rafael:
It has been brought to our attention that the website located at has content reproduced from The Miami Herald

Please remove these articles, columns and any other Miami Herald content present
on your site immediately. You are also urged to not publish future stories or
images from The Miami Herald or on your site.
The content in question includes the following items on your website: Dave Barry's Jan. 28, 2008 column and HIV cases in Puerto Rico (story and photo).
Please remove the materials cited above immediately, and any others that you may
know of in violation of The Miami Herald's copyright within the next 5 business

Please reply with confirmation of action taken within 5 business days or this matter will be forwarded to the McClatchy Company's legal department for further action. If you have comments or concerns about our copyright policy, please feel free to contact me. Our complete copyright policy is available on our website at As you can see, you are welcome to link to content on our website. You are not allowed to reproduce it on yours.

Shelley Acoca
Reader Exchange Editor
The Miami Herald
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