Thursday, January 10, 2008


The Pope Speaks Out Against Luxury
Posted Jan 7th 2008 10:00AM by Deidre Woollard
Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI spoke out against luxury. As part of his homily in St. Peter's Basilica to mark the Catholic feast day of the Epiphany, the Pope said that we are creating a world where the haves and the have-nots are far apart. He preached that moderate lifestyles can help redistribute wealth and ease the fight over natural resources calling for "a greater hope, which allows us to prefer the common good of all to the luxury of few and the poverty of many."

This is not the first time the Pope has taken a swing at luxury. Last June the Vatican issued a 'rules of the road' document that said cars should not be used "as a means for outshining other people and arousing a feeling of envy." Wise words, but the Pope may want to tend to his own garden first. in 2005, he reportedly received a BMW SUV and his taste for designer labels such as Prada and Gucci has been well-documented.

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