Sunday, December 23, 2007


Now that we are getting down to the final count, YFP has a few absurd gift suggestions. Sadly, they are all real.

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No. J2K1178
Yay! A baby Jesus doll!
For sale at – no really – for 25 bucks!
The official description calls this nifty little item "a soft vinyl doll that a child can hold, love and take to bed, to give them comfort, knowing that Jesus loves them. A doll they can relate to on their level, a very special doll!"
And the Baby Jesus Doll-makers ain't lying. They really have a Jesus for every child to "relate to," which in this case means relate to racially while snuggling at bedtime. They offer a full range of white, black, and Latino dolls, including one slick model designated as "Dark Hispanic." (Actually, now that I look at our Pedro Martinez-colored babe, I'm not sure whether we selected the African-American or the Dark Hispanic variety.)
A star is painted in the pupil of each baby Jesus doll. And a little message from Jesus comes as part of the package: "I don't talk, I just listen. I don't cry, but please hold me. I don't walk, so please carry me. I love you, please love me. My name is Jesus."
I just added it to my list of crap I want from Dark Hispanic Santa.
Ebay: Diamond Cross for sale
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US $1,000,000.00 (Cross See photo above)

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New York City, United States

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For the price of $11.50 (plus shipping), you too can get this stylish decoration—featuring the warm, cuddly BW bear print logo—and place it reverently on your tree next to Rudolph and Jesus. (See photo of Blackwater Xmas ornament)

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