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This is a glimpse into an NYPD forum. Not all of the criticism is accurate or justified. However, there are some valid points made. You...the reader decide.

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I challenge any member of the press to stand up do something right. Expose the NYPD for what it really is. Expose what is really going on with crime stats, recruitment of perps, lack of personnel on patrol, and the real reason's why the City can't hire the proper number of recruits or anyone decent. I garantee with a huge story, a revocation of your press pass will make for even a bigger story and make you a household name throughout the Nation. You don't need their measly press pass to get info about the NYPD. There are at least 10,000 MOS out there that can give you all the information you need for free as well as corroborating evidence, if it meant exposing the big lie and fixing the problems that are destroying the NYPD. There must be someone out there in the press that deep in their heart wants to do the right thing and report and seek the truth like writers of past generations. Stand up!


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The press doesn't care about the truth if it means making waves for themselves. They would much rather burn a decent cop involved in a white cop/black perp shooting situation any way they can. They seem to really enjoy hurting cops and making exaggerated headlines to do so. IF... and that's a BIG IF... IF they really wanted to expose the numbers corruption of CONstat, all they would have to do is re-interview the victims of crime the same way the CONstat suck ups do. Except the CONstat lackeys interview them over and over again until the story conforms to the lower crime category the job wants. *Compare what was actually reported in the initial 911 call with what is written on the scratch copy of the complaint report. *Compare the original then to what is eventually entered into the computer. *Compare that with what eventually gets "signed off" and finalized for CONstat purposes. *Then finally compare that with an interview of the original complainant and see what actually took place. It's like the telephone game. The story will change each and every time it advances toward that final CONstat report. The sad thing is, plenty of cops write bad reports right at the scene. They know it will be kicked down anyway and don't want to be on the shiit list, so they just save themselves the hassle that will certainly come and creatively write the report to reflect the lower stat. Anyone who says that isn't happening is lying also. The job has cops by the balls, and no cop wants to get denied a much needed day off because he's not considered a "team player". Someone from the outside really needs to look into this. The corruption in the upper levels of this department is incredible.
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The funny thing is, almost every person that wanted to be a reporter when they grew up dreamed of breaking the "Big story", the "Story of a Lifetime".....and it's right here! In their face! Every day....screaming "Yoo Hoo! I'm right here!" Its the story of a lifetime. Big enough that they couldn't touch the reprter that broke it.
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Very well stated gentlemen.! The New York Press are nothing but talking heads for the Mayors Office. Their agenda is identical with that of our current PC to elevate their status in their profession. Bloomburg is a media mongul anyone who dares to cross him will certinally not advance their status. It is the most integrity challanged administration since Boss Tweed. It just shows you what money can buy....board liitle corperate icons like Bloomburg buying himself a city to play with. As if that is not disgusting enough we have a PC all too willing to eat his own for the sake of advancing his own agenda! What a Fvucking disgrace! Ray Kelly is not worthy of commanding the thousands of men and women ..who in the scheme of things tower over him in honor and integrity!
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They are too afraid and intimidated of loosing their presspasses or being " shut out " of major stories ...and I would like to reming you Bloombergh is good friends with the heads of most of the major news outlets in NYC...


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I hear about the crime stats in NYC and I know its true because the same exact thing happens in the shitty areas on the jersey side of the river. I also can't believe that Guiliani is on these debates taking credit for the "low crime rate". Can't anyone expose him for that? Where are you democrats?

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ConStat is NATION WIDE in one form or another!!! Its in NY, NJ, MD, LA, PA...the list goes on and on.What started as a good idea snowballed into a complete sh*t-show. Sooner or later someone is going to be left without a seat when the music stops, and I cannot wait. There is no way that the media doesn't already know about this, but I can't imagine why no one would want to run with it. They say that a sizeable police dept like ours has a major shake-up every 10-20 years. This would be it, & I can't even imagine the mess it would leave in its wake....if anyone really cared.
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We're overdue

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We're overdue for that shake-up. I have a pretty good feeling that the Compstat Scandal will be the final nail in the coffin for Rudy and it will roll down hill to Bloomberg, Kelly and so on......

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They are all lying, integrity deficiant narcassistic SOB's History will catch up to the likes of Ray Kelly and others. They may be living high on the hog right now...but their true legacy to this city will embarass their great grandchildren for centuries to come! ... the worst thing of all is these people care nothing for the integrity of their family name! Poisoned with ambition and deaf to the realities of their destruction!

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comstat was a good idea in paper but as with communisim what practiced in a paractical role has mutated into a monster that is part of the major reasons the NYPD is a mess that it is now.. Comstat should have been used to help c.os and direct resources where resources are due and not to berate and embarass a C.O at a comstat meeting and in some cases bring a c.o to the point of suicide. but that will be to easy and too perfect. and make the incompetent look bad.. I say this is where the C.O's come in ive mentioned this before its up to them to expose it for the bull crap it really is... Im surprised no one brought a tape recorder to a com stat meeting ....
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ryanpax wrote:
Im surprised no one brought a tape recorder to a com stat meeting ....
Me too... it wouldn't be hard.

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