Saturday, December 15, 2007


As Mount Vernon Turns...
by: phillip anderson
Mon Dec 03, 2007 at 10:22:12 AM EST
The ridiculous soap opera that is Mount Vernon city government continues to inspire more digust than sympathy. First, we learn that supporters of insane soon to be ex-Mayor Ernie Davis, the man who lost the Dem primary, but pulled a Lieberman and ran in the general anyway after hearing "the call of the people" where he got absolutely crushed, are seeking to block the swearing in of Mayor-elect Clinton Young. Why? Because they are awaiting the disposition of their $600 million lawsuit against the FBI, DOJ, the US Attorney's office and several others.

The lawsuit claims that the feds, the county board of election and presumably the Trilateral Commission and and the Illuminati, conspired to rob the citizens of Mount Vernon of the services of the demonstrably corrupt Davis. The lawsuit goes so far as to demand a "do over" election. It's also completely nuts.
Davis allies seek to block new mayor in Mount Vernon

Supporters of Mayor Ernest Davis are seeking to stop the swearing-in of the new mayor as they await the outcome of their $600 million lawsuit calling for a new election.
Attorney Stephen Jackson said he would be in court this week, filing a motion to stop the installation of Mayor-elect Clinton Young.

The lawsuit claims a federal probe of city business intimidated voters. It was brought on behalf of 16 plaintiffs - including Davis - against the Justice Department, the FBI, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the state and county boards of election, Young and Janet Snyder, the Republican candidate in the general election.

Young beat Davis, a 12-year incumbent, in November. He dismissed Jackson's plans.
"It's frivolous. It really has no basis," he said. "The people of Mount Vernon have decided on change."
Why would the feds have an interest in Ernie Davis and his management of Mount Vernon? Well, because it looks awfully shady.
Mt. Vernon officials fail to disclose finances

Top city officials have done a poor job keeping up with state and local ethics laws that require they file annual financial disclosure forms.
A review by The Journal News of eight years of ethical disclosure filings found that only two city department heads filed every year they were on the job, while some commissioners never bothered filling out the forms at all.
The disclosure forms cover the years 1998-2005, and were also requested by federal investigators in May as part of an FBI probe of the city's beleaguered Urban Renewal Agency.
Mount Vernon City Clerk Lisa Copeland, who keeps the records, has not returned numerous telephone calls seeking to determine if the records are complete.
Copeland expressed in a Nov. 23 e-mail to Journal News Managing Editor CynDee Royle that she would "not be speaking to any reporter from The Journal News about anything."
In the e-mail, Copeland said that if reporters have questions "they can e-mail or fax them to my office and I will respond in writing."

She cited as her reason "slanted reporting of my city" in response to an article about Mayor Ernest Davis' own failure to file the required financial disclosure forms.
Davis conceded in the article that he did not file the form this year, and said he could not recall if he had filed them in past years.

There were no filings from the mayor among the documents turned over to The Journal News.
Mount Vernon is becoming a punchline.


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