Monday, December 10, 2007


From the halls of unglazed and uncaulked windows of New York City Hall, Mayor Bloomberg encourages New Yorkers to behave "green". Under the glare of non energy saving light bulbs, hizzoner gleams with politically correct advice about how to save the environment. However, in different parts of the world, in different parts of the city, the poor are not heeding his message.
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But Global Warming is happening here too, according to all the Hollyweirds and left politicians. And while they tout about how we should all be Good Americans and lower our carbon “footprints” they sure don’t see any reason to lower their own. Seriously, those democrats flying in for their “debates” couldn’t even plane-pool; it is a fact private jets emit so much more CO2 than commercial jets.

They could have partitioned off a 757 and it would have been quite cozy for everyone, but it's not up to them to curb global warming, it's up to them to get us to. (Oh, and Hillary, I just need to let you know that multilingual means you can speak more than two languages, not fake more than two accents.)I suppose though, they can purchase carbon credits. Many of them do, and it’s the feel-good, happy way to pollute. Yes, even you too can drive your SUV, fly around for the fun of it, leave your incandescent light bulbs on all night, and all you have to do is pay a fee to “offset” your “footprint”.

There are only a few problems with this, however.First, poor people cannot buy their way out of pollution. No matter how you slice it, the middle and lower class cannot afford to pay $8 for a fluorescent bulb when they can pay fifty cents for a regular one. They tell us the new fluorescent ones will last twice as long as the others, saving energy. So that means that you’d end up spending a whole dollars worth of light bulbs to equal one fluorescent (call me thick, but I don’t see the benefit).

They also won’t be able to afford "going green" because they’re figuring out how to pay $3 and over for gas. (Weren’t the Democrats supposed to do something about that when they “took over”? And if we’re in a war for oil, shouldn’t we be seeing a break sometime soon?) The people here in NYC may be facing a surcharge on their electric bills as a way to curb global warming, thanks to Bloomberg. So that means more money out of the pockets of poor people.So only the rich can afford to pollute. (Which excludes me.) Even if I could afford to buy them, what exactly happens when I buy a carbon offset?

Considering another source, it appears that not a whole lot happens. In fact, it seems as if it’s money changing from one hand to another, when you look at the data. I seriously doubt Al Gore will be clamoring to investigate that any time soon. He’s a big purchaser of Carbon Credits, and in fact he purchases them from his own company. I find that particularly disturbing that he founded the company from which he buys his credits. I wonder how much he makes annually from that company.

His purchases in that article seem like they amount to a lot (not).And Mr. Goracle- don't be a hypocrite. Untill you actually lower your energy use and stop buying carbon offsets from your own company- don't call Canadians fraudulent.It all seems so eerie to me, this doomsday rhetoric. I mean, if it’s not enough, people are blaming cows and suggesting how to change their diets to curb the amount of CO2 they emit. Yeah, you read that right.

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