Sunday, December 23, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy Trailer

Overheard in a NYC post office, a woman bitterly complained to the clerk that they were out of religious stamps. "How could this happen during the Xmas holidays, " she growled. Well...because Xmas is no longer a religious holiday. Overly commercialized and overly hyped, not to mention it's historical inaccuracies.

Jesus was a brown skinned Palestinian Jew. Yes folks, Bethlehem is located in the now Palestinian "hood". Melanoma is rare in this hot, sun filled climate since it is populated with curly haired dark people much like those of Jesus' era. Some are Christian and most are Muslim. During the time of Jesus, they were Jewish.

He was born to a teenage mother who was engaged to his father. And historians approximate that birth closer to September than December 25th.

Then, perhaps in the controversy of the facts, herein lies the message. Jesus was a Jew, born in a territory that is now predominantly Muslim. His teachings became the center of Christianity. By default, this allows no margin for religious/political supremacy.

Our struggle is against Corporate America.....not each other.

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