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Shagier and Shagier

Imagine that. Rudy's caught in another lie about the tax-payer funded valet service he had New York City provide for Judi Nathan while she was still his mistress. Up until yesterday Team Rudy had claimed that the NYPD only started providing Nathan with an around-the-clock security detail after December 2000, after their adulterous relationship became public. This was in response to a never-disclosed "threat" Nathan received on a street corner near her home. There's never been any details or evidence that the threat existed. But then-Police commissioner Bernie Kerik said it checked out. So please stop asking any more questions.
Kerik and Giuliani have previously insisted that there was no security detail or valet service prior to December 2000.

But now it turns out that that's not true. Yesterday Giuliani aides conceded that in fact Nathan had been received the valet service and security detail "sporadically" from early 2000 in response to yet more undisclosed, undetailed and unconfirmed "threats".
"Sporadically" is Team Rudy's word. Witnesses and a law enforcement source now say she got a full-time NYPD valet service for months before the affair went public.
Bear in mind, this is now well before anyone knew anyone knew the two were having an affair and thus before anyone knew who Judi Nathan was. So why would she be receiving 'threats' at all?
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