Saturday, December 8, 2007


By Bill CavalaA veteran of over 30 years in Sacramento
Hot news on the anti-immigration front. The Bush Administration's much touted high-tech program to track those who enter and exit the United States – labeled operation “U.S. Visit” is officially a flop. Efforts to implement the system using contemporary technology would cost “tens of billions”. At that price, said a Bush spokesman, the system would not be “cost effective”.
It helps explain the loony alternative of a 700 mile “fence”. Low tech to be sure, and unlikely to work (cf. “tunnel”), it is at least a visible sign of the Administration’s earnest purpose.
So the Bush Administration hired a Riverside “fence builder”. And, at some point, a smart white house aide thought to himself, “my golly, are these guys clean in their employment practices”?
Well, guess what? Two government audits concluded – before they got the contract – that the Golden Fence Company hired more than 100 illegal immigrants from 1999 to 2005. The Fence Company’s attorney’s response was that “mistakes were made. People slip through the cracks.” Slip through the cracks? In the fence? 100 people? That’s a lot of people. The company managers pled guilty to the criminal offense of “knowingly and willfully” making this “mistake”. They face jail terms. The company faces a $5 million fine.

Only in America would you find a company hired to build a fence to keep aliens out using aliens as the source of labor for that fence. But it’s cheaper, you see. You don’t have to pay taxes, workers compensation – why you don’t have to meet any worker safety regulations. No one can complain – they’re all lawbreakers. And, as one of the mangers noted, you are building a fence over rough country and “it’s hard to get people to do that kind of work”.


magyart said...

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