Monday, December 10, 2007


Rudy was on the hot seat last night with Tim Russert. He ducked, he dodged faster than Muhammad Ali. But the artful dodger left us with more questions than answers regarding JudyGate. Perhaps the following posts from an NYPD chat room lend more insight.


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(12/10/07 10:41:43)

When Darryl Strawberry had some sort of health problem that he had to go into the hospital for, he had 2 NYPD detectives assigned to him. No threats on his life, no nothing, just a chance for Rudy to kiss more Yankee ass. After all, there was no way the Yankees could afford to assign their own security to protect their own ballplayers, let's use taxpayer money.

(12/09/07 22:58:13)

Everyone in his detail got 1st grade from being white shields in a short period of time and unlimited OT.. The Bosses got SA Pay and unlimited OT.. They all either have, or will have huge pensions because of Rudy..

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(12/10/07 01:00:12)
"They all either have, or will have huge pensions because of Rudy.. They were bought into the circle by invitation and told what the reward would be, you really think they have anything to say??" I know a few of these guys personally, well over 20 years. Rudy's detail guys were with him free of charge BEFORE he was elected mayor. Most, if not all are retired. Many with tax free pensions. They are still close personal friends with Rudy. None will open their mouths. End of story.
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