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The NYPD RANT is a message board for police. It is predominantly racist and misogynist. However, occasionally a set of facts will present themselves and needs to be published for consideration. Truth comes in all forms folks. Here is a recent post from the RANT.

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3 weeks and 5 dead so far at the 023 but crime is low..LOL
Funny how everyone on the inside knows things are bad but those on the outside are conned into believing that everything is hunky dory. Although I have been out of the loop for over a year I will confess that I too had started become one of those who believed that everything was going good. That was true till my good friend at the 23Pct called me to educate me on matters that go untold to the general public.

He reminded me of the numbers game that went on in crime analysis and how the true Kool aid drinkers labored hard and diligently for the C.O especially when CONN-STAT approached. He reminded me how charges on complaints would suddenly get downgraded and how complainants were called and harassed to change their stories. He further reminded me how some complaints would out right disappear or just get held over till the next round of Conn-Stat. My good friend took it upon himself to educate me of matters that the media did not care to broadcast or just did not pay much attention to.

Here are just a few of the facts the general public was not aware of regarding Spanish Harlem or Upper Cobble Hill as the Realtors are now calling it. The following persons were dispatched via numerous bullets in the course of 3 weeks. It took only 21 days to kill 5 citizens of Spanish Harlem. That is unusually hight but the Mayor nor the media seems to care that the days of the CRACK WARS are quickly returning. These are the incidents that took the lives of these supposedly great law abiding citizens:

1. Armed mugger killed via a well placed bullet to the back of the skull by another fine citizen after the deceased tried to mug the perpatrator of a hand gun. You are no to smart when you try to rip off a gun smuggler.

2. A drug dealing midget and his upstanding cohort were dispatched via a small posse of gun totting individuals who filled each dead individual with 9 bullets each. Seems to me that a small firing squad was dispatched to get rid of the small problem(pun intended).

3. 2 gun totting shining stars of the Shommburg development on 110 street and 5th avenue were dispatched in a hail of bullets when they took a small verbal dispute to the next level. 2 other upstanding skells were wounded as well. Thank god no officers were hurt.These are just those individuals that have died in this neck of the woods.

I don't want to shock the media but there have been a huge amount of incidents involving gun play in the confines of the 23pct that never go reported or just flat out get played down or made to disappear. My good friend told me of one incident that occurred on fathers day in which a group of thugs did a drive by on a homie that was standing on 20 feet from the 023 pct. My buddy informed me that over 10 shots were fired and numerous holes were made on the pct facade. He even stated that the C.O, whose windows face the very street in which the drive by occurred, dove under his desk after the gun fire erupted.

All this sounds shocking to me now but what is is more shocking is that the media did not pick up on this and that I was told that "NO" 61 was generated over this incident. You heard correct...a freaking drive by hit happens in front of the 023 precinct and no 61 is taken because no one was hit by the rounds. WHAT THE FVCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT!!!!!!! I could not believe my ears but another friend from my old command confirmed he incident and its final outcome.

One thing is for sure................CRIME IS UP AND CONN-STAT CAN NO LONGER HIDE THE FACTS(The dead bodies are piling up and they are unavoidable).GET READY FOR THE RETURN OF THE 80's when the Crack Wars gripped this city in a vise like choke hold.THANK YOU MR. MAYOR...AND THAN YOU POPEYE.
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