Sunday, June 3, 2007


There are many social circumstances and theories that influence politics. Social scientists and pollsters make a living predicting trends and patterns. Of late, a new phenomenon has emerged, The Fred Effect. It seems that the closer Fred Thompson gets to announcing his candidacy, the more well tempered Rudolph Giuliani becomes. Last week, Giuliani was in town (NYC) for a series of fund raisers. He started out in City Island, the Bronx. A breakfast at a City Island restaurant produced a small crowd of big spenders. However, he was confronted outside by Sabrina Rivera. Rivera is an activist with a group called Softly but deliberately, she questioned Giuliani about his handling of 9/11. Her tone escalated to the question of "How can you sleep at night?" To the astonishment of all present, Giuliani turned to the cameras with a fixed grin. He proceeded to deal with Rivera in a patient although inconclusive manner. A remarkable feat considering his history of unbridled anger. Call it ambition, call it Prozac, call it whatever. This time......Rudy rose to the occasion. Click on the mellow Rudy at the following link:

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