Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Mayor Michael Bloomberg surprised everyone by his announcement to leave the Republican party. It was an open secret that Mayor Mike has presidential aspirations but his announcement in California this week took some unaware. Some say that his timing was calculated as an announcement on the installment plan. He is allegedly gearing the public for his official declaration. Bloomberg's political posture in the last year has alluded to a national plan. His new religion of the environment has certainly turned heads and attracted admirers. Enough to place him in the good graces of Al Gore and other "greens".

Now what does all this mean. Well....the permutations are many. Bloomberg if he runs, has the potential to siphon votes from both parties. There are a number of disaffected people out there who are not satisfied with any of the candidates. Another question that has to be contemplated is if he will finish his term as mayor. Even though he states that he will, destiny has a way of rearranging the future.

Bloomberg is an accountant by trade. Methodical and pragmatic. He will measure his steps toward a potential presidential candidacy with precision. His cryptic change of party is the first in a sequence of Bloomberg methodology. If he gets a favorable return on his investment in this political switch, watch for more Bloombito Bombs. Remember, this is how the guy became a billionaire. Watch Mikey play the press at:
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