Sunday, June 24, 2007


The D.A. of Quintana Roo, Mexico has invited 15 American FBI agents to Cancun next week for a seminar on sexual crimes against minors. The agents will instruct Mexican authorities on crimes such as sexual tourism involving minors, rape, and interviewing techniques.

D.A., Bello Melchor Rodriguez Carrillo, has been the subject of criticism involving his handling of the case of missing Israeli tourist, Dana Rishpy. In an attempt to shift the burden of the search away from Mexico, Carrillo floated a rumour of her sighting in Belize and the Honduras. Thereafter, disparaging statements were made regarding the expense of the search operation and the "gall" of her alleged frivolity. And despite his posturing as the "Bagdhad Bello" of Cancun, Dana never returned from her presumed adventure in the Honduras.

So, as of this week, the search for Dana will continue in Tulum and the Riviera Maya area in general. Carrillo will not be allowed to close the case as he wished . The wheels of Mexican justice turn slowly. But this time.......the world is watching.

Despite the public relations attempt by Carrillo, the underbelly of Cancun is alive and well. Click on:

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