Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Last week, YFP received an anonymous post in response to an article titled, "New Evidence in the Dana Rishpy Case". Anonymous indicated that YFP misrepresented the facts. YFP would like to state the following:

To Anonymous:

Thank you for your interest in the Rishpy case. YFP is not attempting to indict Matthew Walshen in it's reporting. And yes, there are discrepancies in the Mexican newspaper reports of the Rishpy incident. For example, there are several variations of his name i.e. Wilson, Wilshin, Wilshing, Walshen. There are also several discrepancies as you indicated regarding his "abandoned" car. However, there are also discrepancies in regards to your account of Matthew's involvement.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "NEW EVIDENCE IN RISHPY CASE": It is also your responsibility as a "citizen journalist" to check facts before you spread the same unsubstantiated slander that Por Esto and the other local papers "report".

1)His last name is not Wilson (it is Walshen) and he is NOT the same person mentioned in the report linked above about a gang/drug bust.

2)His truck was not found "abandoned", it was found in front of the house he rented, where everyone in town knew he lived. The police broke the window to the truck to search it. He also bought the truck 3 WEEKS after Dana went missing and 3 WEEKS after he had contacted her parents to tell them she had disappeared.

3)He contacted her sister and her parents when she never showed up at the cabana they were sharing. He has been in contact with them and told them everything he knows. They have his full correct name, phone number, and email if they want to contact him for further questioning.

4)In the time between when he contacted her family and reported that she had not come back to the cabanas for her stuff, and the time when the cops showed up in Tulum looking for him, he was in the local grocery store every day, riding his bike around, talking and meeting with all kinds of people. He was very visible and clearly not hiding. He rented an apartment 50 steps from the main road in town and was seen in broad daylight in the main shopping center on a daily basis.

It is not yet known what happened to Dana, and everyone in this very small town feels very sorry for her and her family. We all hope she is found soon. Matthew should come forward and I think he will soon, but people should also remember that there is a very different legal system here, where the burden of proof is on the accused. Just because someone is wanted for questioning does not mean they are guilty or have even been charged, and it is certainly not responsible or fair to try him in the press as you seem to want to do here. Posted by Anonymous to Your Free Press at June 7, 2007 3:20 PM

YFP Response:

1. He did not contact Dana's sister.

2. He contacted Dana's parents 7 days after she was missing. She failed to return to her cabin

between March 30 and March 31st. Matthew called her parents on April 7th.

3. Dana and Matthew did NOT share a cabana. They only met on the same day that she


4. YFP is not making a judgment concerning Matthew's involvement. He and his supporters

are welcome to use this forum to express their views. We sincerely want to hear his side

of the story. That is only fair!

Dana Rishpy is still missing. It has been two months now. Matthew Walshen is missing also.

His friends are concerned for him. Dana's family keeps vigil. Someone out there has the answer.

You know who you are. Write us.......

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