Sunday, June 24, 2007


While Bloomberg promotes the congestion tax, perhaps he should promote a raise for cops. They will be very busy checking traffic and registration stickers. According to the Chaptzem blog, a ring counterfeiting registration stickers has seemingly operated under the radar.

BEWARE - If your vehicle was registered in Pennsylvania you may have a fake registration sticker. New York City Police are looking for cars with Pennsylvania plates that have a fake registration sticker. Apparently one of the DMV convenience service places in the Yiddishe area in Pennsylvania has been taking people's money and instead of registering their vehicle has been giving them fake registration stickers. New York City Police are set on busting this ring and are arresting anyone that has such a sticker. One such Yingerman was arrested with his wife present while driving his car with the fake sticker. The car was also towed off and impounded.

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