Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Mayor Question About the Mayor's Daughters and Anthony Weiner is Worth A Thousands Words

By Gary Tilzer
City Hall blogging reporter Rafael Martínez Alequín asked the mayor at a press conference the other day a question that Bill O'Reilly Factor's Body Language Expert Tonya Reiman would say trip up the mayor and brought intense reactions from the officials behind Bloomberg. Of course the question Martínez Alequín asked was about Anthony Weiner, but it was a very cleaver one designed to trap. Alequín's Question: Would you be happy if one of your daughters become a Facebook or Twitter friend of Anthony Weiner? You could see the media savy mayor think as he avoided the yes or no answer with a little hesitation and add one's that he would let his daughters make up their own mind and added that he did not think they knew Weiner. Unsure if his answer was complete the mayor added a warning to other to be aware that anything posted on the Internet would be seen with a lot of eyes. The most intense reaction to Martínez Alequin question was by City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito who jump and touch Harlem RBI school leader Richard Berlin mouthing something like OMG. Chancellor Walcott and other VIPs behind the mayor could been seen leaning back and looking at others for their reaction after Alequin finished his Weiner question.
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