Friday, June 17, 2011

"Bloomzilla" Told NYC Is Not For Sale

I said Anthony Weiner had really arrived when his life became fodder for a Spirit Airlines ad campaign, but now Mayor Bloomberg's got his own monster movie.

Courtesy of the "NYC Is Not For Sale" movement sponsored by CWA Local 1180, here's Bloomberg as everyone's favorite rampaging lizard. The video, obviously, is a hit on the administration's proposed layoffs and budget cuts to firehouses, senior centers and libraries.

Local 1180 represents more than 8,000 workers in mayoral agencies and the Health and Hospitals Corporation, as well as the Housing, Transit and School Construction Authorities, the state's Unified Court System; at private companies such as the Jacob Javits Convention Center; and at not-for-profit organizations including Planned Parenthood of New York City, the ASPCA, Human Rights First and Human Rights Watch.

The web-only "Bloomzilla" spot is the brainchild of The Advance Group, which also produced the "2021" spot the union ran against Hizzoner during the 2009 election cycle.

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