Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The New York Times

Michael Barbaro writes: “President Obama said on Monday that if he were in Representative Anthony D. Weiner’s position, ‘I would resign,’ according to NBC, which conducted an extensive interview with him. Mr. Obama called Mr. Weiner’s conduct ‘highly inappropriate’ and said the New York Democrat had ‘embarrassed himself’ and his family.”

Hulse & Steinhauer look at how House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi is handling the Weiner scandal: “Her call for Mr. Weiner to resign, echoed Monday by President Obama in an interview with NBC, is the toughest test of authority she has faced since she lost the speakership in last year’s elections and then fought to remain Democratic leader when some party members argued that it was time for a change.”

Thomas Kaplan reports: “Over the past five years, New York State has awarded more than $7.4 billion in contracts to clients of law firms that employ state legislators, according to a review of court filings and other records.”

Michael Powell looks at the role that the nominee to run the state Thruway Authority, Howard Milstein, played in the home foreclosure crisis.

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Green Thumb Gardening said...

Which is a greater crime? Showing one's weiner on the internet with a chat partner or blowing apart children that don't know the internet or that America exist?