Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Deputy Mayor Wolfson Will Have to Resign

True New Sunday Update: Why Bloomberg's Deputy Mayor Wolfson Will Have to Resign

Harold Wolfson

Cover-Up Unwinds

Harold Wolfson who Replaced
political guru, Kevin Sheekey, as deputy mayor is now caught up in the cover-up of the Haggerty 750,000 scandal and will have to exit City Hall Soon. Yesterday Wolfson said the money given a day before a hotly contested election by Bloomberg to the Independence Party was a donation and not for campaign expenses. Wolfson's current explanation of the money that wound up in Haggerty's pocket is 180 degrees different that the one he gave the NYP early this year (January 30th). At that time the Deputy Mayor said that the money that Bloomberg gave the party was for election day expenses. On June 10th in the NYP Wolfson also told the NYP that Haggerty was not authorized to keep any extra funds. Wolfson June 10th statement seem to agree with his January 30th statement that the $750,000 was for expenses. How can you return a donation which he claimed yesterday?

Wolfson Flip-Flops on the 750,000 to the Independence Party that wound up in Haggerty pocket

Wolfson Says on September 18th 2010
"The $750,000 was a donation and not for expenses"

Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said Bloomberg did nothing wrong. "It was a donation," Wolfson said. "It was not an expenditure." Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty points finger at Mayor Bloomberg's former deputy mayor (DN)

Wolfson Says on January 30, 2010
The $750,000 went for campaign expenses

"One veteran GOP consultant said he believed Special Election Operations was designed to dispense "street money" -- cash that's spread around on Election Day to volunteers and for such incidentals as lunch. But Howard Wolfson, the mayor's campaign spokesman, insisted the $750,000 -- part of a $1.2 million personal contribution Bloomberg made to the state Independence Party right before the election -- didn't go for that purpose. "The [Independence Party] made the same Election Day expenses that all party committees make every election for Election Day workers," he said in an e-mail."Because the IP does not have the infrastructure to handle this kind of activity in-house, it used Special Election Operations to handle the payroll payments to all these individuals." Mike mystery money went to key elex aide (NYP)

Wolfson Said on June 10, 2010

"The mayor's campaign spokesman, Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, told The Post that Haggerty was never authorized to keep any leftovers." Campaigner faces jail in Bloombucks 'scam' (NYP)

Was Wolfson's Flip Flop on the reason for the $750,000 an attempt to Protect Bloomberg's Campaign from Violating Campaign Expenditure Rules?

“The mayor filed a statement with the Board of Elections that he would only make campaign expenditures through his campaign committee,” said one lawyer familiar with the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the investigation. “But what might have happened here is instead of doing that, he gave personal funds to political parties to make political expenditures for him, and that could be stretching the rules.” G.O.P. Consultant Accused of Stealing Campaign Money

BloombergGate Hits Home/Cover-UP Unwinds

Has Haggerty has decided to take everyone down with him or is he trying to get the heavyweights involved to stop his investigation? Stay Tuned

"Mayor Bloomberg's political mastermind was outed in court papers Friday as the architect of a plan to hide $1.1 million in Election Day poll-watching. Indicted campaign aide John Haggerty said in a 41-page motion that former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey convinced Bloomberg to hire the state Independence Party to do the monitoring - instead of using his own campaign team."
It is interesting to note that of the three Bloomberg aids who did not want him to run for a third term Deputy Mayors Edward Skyler, Patricia E. Harris and Kevin Sheekey only Harris is still at City Hall and she according to the NY Post is working mostly at her other job with Bloomberg's charity organization City Hall stingy on aide's charity hours (NYP) * Ex-aid John Haggerty knows where bodies are buried and may spill Mayor Bloomberg's secrets at trial (DN) * Bloomberg Expected to Seek Third Term as Mayor

"It was Mr. Sheekey who decided that Mr. Haggerty should contact the Independence Party and request that ballot security be conducted through that political party"Bloomy political mastermind outed in court docs

Haggerty - who is currently working as a "volunteer" for Carl Paladino's GOP gubernatorial campaign, the same title he had with Bloomberg, with no campaign payments listed going to him - has made clear he's planning on fighting the case. Haggerty's spill factor
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