Saturday, September 4, 2010


Quoted from a NYT editorial:

"Pedro Espada Jr., a Democrat running for re-election in the Bronx even though he mostly lives in the suburbs. Here are just a few reasons for voting against him: He owes more than $10,000 in fines for campaign finance violations (the maximum fine is $500 each); he is accused of milking his medical clinics for personal and political expenses including $20,000 worth of sushi delivered to his home in Westchester; he forced fellow senators to give him a fancy title and padded his office with a fawning entourage.

Mr. Espada has run a sleazy campaign, even threatening voters who signed petitions for his strongest and best opponent, Gustavo Rivera. Mr. Rivera, an educator and political activist, has promised to vote for the kind of real reforms the state needs. A third candidate in the race, Daniel Padernacht, is a real estate lawyer with little understanding of state issues. He is a distraction for voters whose goal should be to oust Mr. Espada.

Today, Petey made yet another feeble attempt to garner votes with carrots and cereal. Accompanied by his staff of thugs and thugettes, and his blinged out wife Connie, it was a pathetic show of a lame duck drowning. Too little, too late Petey.

For YFP.

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