Saturday, September 4, 2010


While Petey Espada distributed food today, his assistants distributed harassment. As in previous Espada rallies, his aides took pictures of what they perceived as the enemy camp. However, on this occasion, one individual crossed the respected approach zone of your YFP editor. His threatening presence prompted my defensive reaction. The son of Pedro Espada (former City Council member Pedro Gautier Espada) then called 911. He falsely stated that I had a knife which knowingly would produce a quick and abundant police response.

Three patrol cars arrived. I was never frisked nor was a "knife" produced. The officers handled the situation with professionalism and courtesy. More than can be said for Espada's camp. Marcetta Harris (who threatened to have her brother to put me in a body bag) spewed her usual profanities and my digital assailant, Michael Gary feigned an injured finger that bore no proof of such. The only injury involving Michael Gary is injury to the system from which he is now collecting a disability salary according to undisclosed sources. And although he is on the payroll of Mr. Espada, it would appear that he is "double dipping."

Today proved to be another reason why Pedro Espada should not serve office. Who paid for those trucks that transported the food? Who paid for the signs that his staff posted? Who paid for the workers that accompanied him today? Sadly, the people of his district who should have a decent representative. That man is Gustavo Rivera.

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Mari said...

We all know you are an illiterate opportunistic fraud! 90% of your blog consists of the work of LEGITIMATE journalists who have mastered the ENGLISH language.

I was there, you INSTIGATED the altercation as a means to deflect positve attention from Senator Espada. You are so desperate to put the spotlight on Gustavo Rivera that all you do is follow Senator Espada around like a stalker. You are just as bad as the corrupt politicians that you feature on this blog.

Senator Espada will WIN. Then, what will you do?