Monday, September 13, 2010


Off Broadway plays are a muddle of hit and miss experiments. The ones that succeed are the result of creative Darwinism. The Smell of Popcorn is one of those plays that could evolve into a major Broadway hit. Provocative, simple and yet profound.

Based on a true story, it begins with a standard "bad guy robs good girl" story line. Then, the psycho drama starts. We are forced to analyze where does evil and goodness fuse. The play asks us to look beneath the obvious and to explore the personalities of the two main characters.
It is riveting at times and sad at others.

However, it is impossible to walk away without an opinion. The Smell of Popcorn is in a limited run. Teatro Aiti 64 E. 4th St. 212-352-3101 September 9-19th. Starring Javier Gomez and Luciana Faulhaber.

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