Thursday, September 9, 2010


Vijay Tharwani and his father are the owners of CUSTOM MEN at 140 W. 57th Street. Unlike the pretentiously slick, chicly designed tailor shops in other parts of Manhattan, theirs is a tasteful nuts and bolts arena. The emphasis is on well made suits and a comfortable atmosphere.

Vijay works seventy hours a week. His soft spoken hard work has paid off. CUSTOM MEN boasts clients such as Colin Powell and other well knowns. Their photos decorate the walls. One such "well known" paid a visit back in 2009.

State Senator Pedro Espada enlisted the services of CUSTOM MEN. He ordered several custom made suits. Not content to venture downtown, Espada summoned the tailors to his Soundview Health Care Center in the Bronx. One can only wonder why they were not dispatched to his Senatorial District offices at 400 E. Fordham Road and 3328 Bainbridge Avenue in the Bronx.

The fitting was made and the order placed. The address to which Espada asked that the order be sent was the Soundview Healthcare Center 731 White Plains Road, Bronx, N.Y. The bill was issued to Pedro Espada at that address. When the order arrived, Espada was displeased with the length of the cuffs. He called Vijay and asked for an adjustment. Tharwani instructed him to return the items and they would be altered. Those items never arrived.

Weeks passed and Vijay had a payroll to meet and rent to pay. He sent a bill for $7,200 which went unpaid. Vijay decided to file his own "suit" against Espada for the money. Espada claims that the items were returned. However, calls to the Espada office produced neither a return receipt or a tracking number. What does appear is Pedro Espada nattily dressed in the very suits that CUSTOM MEN made for him. Vijay recognizes the materials. Some which cost $500 per yard.

So, folks, it would appear that Petey has pulled another fast one. This time, it affects a hard working guy trying to pay his employees and pay his rent. Vijay Tharwani is not a rich man.
He is an honest man who believed in the credibility of a guy who said he could be trusted because he was State Senator Pedro Espada.

video by Rafael Martínez Alequín for YFP

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