Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night, State Senator Pedro Espada lost his bid for reelection. The former boxer was beaten in a political "t.k.o." by rival Gustavo Rivera. Espada conceded without the campaign sportsmanship of acknowledging and congratulating his opponent. Even in defeat, he lacked grace. The throngs of Espada cult members who accompanied him and fought for him at public appearances dwindled down to a paltry few. The head count at his hoped for victory headquarters was two hundred. And that includes family members.
Although he vowed to fight on, he appeared to be melting away like a snowman in July. Now , it is left to Gustavo Rivera to pick up the reins. He has inherited a legacy that Espada has filled with landmines. But vision and perseverance can overcome even the worst of times. The following is a portion of a poem by Alfred Tennyson called the Death of Arthur. (the knight)

But now the whole ROUND TABLE is dissolved which was an image of the mighty world. And I, the last, go forth companionless. And the days darken round me, and the years. Among new men, strange faces, other minds." And slowly answer'd Arthur from the barge: "The old order changeth, yielding place to new, and God fulfils Himself in many ways, lest one good custom should corrupt the world. Comfort thyself: what comfort is in me?

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