Sunday, May 27, 2007


Rudy Giuliani's policy on immigration has gone from a shell game to a hell game. When he was mayor of New York City, he all but endorsed the undocumented with an occasional "harrumph". But now that he is on the fast track to FDA regulated dim sum, he has changed. The elimination of his comb over was a portend of things to come. The exposure of his pate left him vulnerable to the rays of the right wing influence. Hair, albeit bushy, pony tailed, or unkempt has been used by the left as a symbol of protest. Alas, Rudy has left the fold. But if he thinks his newly tough stance on immigration will solve a problem, he is wrong. People enter the US illegally for economic reasons. No one delights in sneaking through a desert, hiding in a cramped apartment and working twelve hours a day not knowing the language of the host country. It is American foreign policy and the US corporations in many of these countries that have made conditions such that people had to leave. As for the immigrants burdening the system, au contraire. Landlords and contractors are getting rich from cheap labour and worker exploitation. Middle class Anglo women can now afford maids. The undocumented send money back to their native countries creating a stronger economy and better living conditions. The town of Puebla, Mexico where many come from is better off today than it was ten years ago. This stability encourages people to return to their lands not only financially improved, but with a positive message about America. Exporting goodwill is a weapon against terrorism.

Is immigration a problem? Yes. A humane plan for dealing with the undocumented needs to be put in place before health care, housing and education become overburdened with the influx. If not, the Minutemen will continue to swell their ranks with the overflow from various Aryan Nation groups and a covert posse could be coming soon to your neighborhood. So beware the new knee jerk Rudy and observe the compassionate one that we occasionally saw b.911, before he lost the liberal's comb over. See Rudy the benevolent at:

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