Sunday, May 20, 2007


Rudy Giuliani is a closet liberal. He changes political positions to suit the polls and changes wives to please his passions. Just when we thought we knew where he stood on abortion, he changed. He took the same stance on gay marriage. Change was forgivable when he cauterized his comb over. Change was forgivable when he learned to keep his temper in check. But when it comes to politics, the constant changing of issues portrays a weak candidate.

The only change Rudy should make now is speechwriters. It is reported this week that Giuliani paid Judi Giuliani $125,000 per year as his speechwriter consultant. Ms. Giuliani's attempts at public speech can be viewed on YOUTUBE in her presentation of Rudy at a fund raiser. As a registered nurse and apparent recipient of some medical intervention, she would do well as a speech writer for plastic surgeons. Political speeches are best left to those who can make change profound, not fashionable. Watch a Rudy b.911, 2000 commercial for senator at:

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