Saturday, May 12, 2007


Last month, Rudy Giuliani declared that a Democratic president would invite terrorism. He was swiftly rebuked by both presidential contenders as well as established, ranking Democrats. In his bid for the presidency, Rudy continues to flaunt his tough views on terrorism as well as his dubious record of 9/11. In fact, it was at a City Hall press conference in December, 1998, that it appears as though the then mayor took a more conciliatory stance on potential threats. There had been a theft of materials that posed a potential chemical threat to New Yorkers. Apparently, the story leaked out before the FBI and/or the Joint Force on Terrorism was able to inform Giuliani, despite his publicly avowed "great relationship" with them. Here, Giuliani states that there is very little the average citizen can do about terrorism. Now how does that contrast with the newly honed, testosterone fueled, kick butt approach of the new Rudy? Poorly. Ladies and gentlemen......the lion has no teeth.

Two months after this press conference, Giuliani held yet another press conference to announce the arrest of two men in Las Vegas. The two individuals were caught with an arsenal of lethal biograde weapons including anthrax. Larry Wayne Harris and William Job Leavitt were arrested on suspicion of attempting a terrorist attack in February 1998. Although the suspicion was not tied to an imminent attack on New York, it was noted that in 1997, one of the individuals had discussed an anthrax attack on the New York City subway system. It is not clear as to whether Giulian knew about the 1997 threat. But what is clear is that New York is still vulnerable and Rudy Giuliani is not the answer. Watch Rudy rant at:
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