Sunday, May 6, 2007


Presidential hopeful, Rudolph Giuliani, called for a troop increase of 35,000 in Iraq this week. As a timetable for withdrawal is being debated and Al Qaeda strongman Ayman Zawahiri calls for the killing of ten times that amount, the Iraqi people sit and wait. Today, even a quick walk across the street to a deli can be fatal in Iraq. Giuliani's advocacy of more manpower just serves to up the ante. And as though the Iraqis do not have enough to worry about, now...there is Chemical Judy. Rudy continues to tout Judy's virtues not only as a loving wife and advisor but as a chemical expert also. We're not talking basic roach spray knowledge here either. Rudy says that she has advised him on anthrax and other lethal weapons when dealing with his law practice. Now historically, Iraqis had their own evil scientist. Chemical Ali was Saddam's "Go to" guy when the ex prez decided to take out the Kurds. Ali was responsible for the stew brew that killed thousands of Kurdish dissidents who got in the way of Saddam. One could say it was a case of urban renewal gone terribly wrong. With Judy at the helm and Rudy pulling the strings, Iraqis have yet another round of bio terrorism to fear. Just imagine the threat of eau de roast pork, cheap perfume from Walmart and an aerial spray of Boone's Farm Apple Wine.
Such is the probable extent of Judy's chemical arsenal. A nursing degree does not qualify a person as an expert on bio terrorism. The "Buy one, get one free" scenario of a Giuliani presidency complete with wife/advisor is somewhat frightening. We live in serious times with a serious outcome if the issues at hand are not dealt with properly. Polar caps melt, bees disappear and the threat of nuclear/chemical capabilities arise every day. This requires people with backgrounds not bias to guide through the tasks ahead. Watch Rudy praise Chemical Judy:
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