Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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On May 22, 2007, your blog editor attended his 11:00 appointment at 1 Police Plaza. NYC press cards are issued there. But at this appointment.....denied. The factors involving that denial are many and complex. However, at the core of the issue is the first amendment and the status of bloggers. Although, this editor publishes an online newspaper, and this blog, the issuing agency states that cards are for breaking news. But, in a "Catch 22" one cannot cover press conferences at NYC City Hall without a press card. City Hall press conferences are not considered breaking news. In this instance, a press card was denied as a means of limiting access to a forum in which your editor frequently asks the unpopular questions to public officials.
Today, I issue an advisory in the context of Paul Revere's quote. "The skittish are coming, the skittish are coming". The Internet has democratized the world of information. But the media police still attempt to control content. Be aware, be diligent, be vocal. As for this case, it is only the first round in a struggle. I invite you to my screening at:
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