Friday, May 18, 2007


In 1973, Abie Nathan began broadcasting on a ship off the coast of Israel. His broadcast was called the "Voice of Peace". Nathan was a leftist who did not have government approval for his pirate broadcast. His audience was limited to the few who were in range of his limited bandwidth. However, he remained on the air for twenty years, albeit illegally. He broadcast, folk songs, peace messages and alternative news. Abie became famous worldwide. That was long before cell phones and Internet blogs. Eventually, the Israeli government grudgingly tolerated Nathan's enterprise. Which brings us to the moment.

Today, this blog author is still without a renewed press card. The card which allows a journalist to attend press conferences at New York City hall. On May 15, the NYC Police Department, which issues the press cards, cancelled an appointment for my renewal. It has been rescheduled for next week. And although, the credo is that press cards are not issued to bloggers, hopefully, that will not be the case. First amendment rights must be upheld.

Today's journalist bloggers are what Abie Nathan was to the Israeli airwaves years ago. An alternative voice to the establishment press. And as the Israeli government managed a detente with Nathan, so should City Hall with YOURFREEPRESS. Nathan used to sign off his broadcast with "This is Abie Nathan.....ay shom". Loose translation is "This is Abie Nathan....from somewhere out there." So, I sign off borrowing Nathan's phrase.

This is Rafael Martinez-Alequin covering City Hall from "Ay Shom".
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