Sunday, May 6, 2007


Mayor Bloomberg’s administration has been in the forefront of creating a clean environment. When he announced the congestion price $8.00 (tax?) for cars entering Manhattan South of 86th street, it seemed a win-win situation, for the environment and for the average citizen.

At the time, the mayor made his announcement citing a similar program in London as the model for New York City. Also, former Vice-President Al Gore, during a news conference at the opening of the Tribeca Film Festival, endorsed the mayor’s congestion price enthusiastically. However, Mr.Gore, does not realize the political history of previous City Hall administrations. They tried to impose tolls on the East river bridges. In a Bronx news conference, when a New Jersey reporter asked the mayor how the congestion price would affect New Jersey drivers, the Mayor’s response was, “New Jersey, and Connecticut drivers will not be affected, because they already paid a toll getting into Manhattan.”

Since NYC leaders have not been able to impose a toll on the East river bridges, the Mayor and his advisors are trying to sneak another tax on the crumbling middle-class and the poor, who are living in the outer boroughs. The mayor, his fellow billionaires and the Manhattan elites, who drive Mercedes, BMWs, Jaguars and even Roll Royces, will be the reigning monarchs of Manhattan. Manhattan will be Verbotten for the working class residents that built and maintain it. The tax works in London where citizens enjoy good wages, socialized medicine and free education. Rents in Britain are not cheap but affordable compared to New York City. The pound, (their currency) is valued at almost two American dollars. As enticing as the mayor’s congestion prices are for a clean environment, the question remains.... Why the working class has to subsidize Bloomberg’s chosen people? Watch Bloomberg blast at:
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