Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Barking At Parking

What is it about parking tickets that makes mayors moody? Last week, Mike Bloomberg went over the edge when asked about snowbound motorists not moving their cars. Some years ago, it was then Mayor Rudy Giuliani who fumed when questioned about stepped up enforcement of ticketing. Long viewed as a source of revenue for the city, Giuliani bristled at the notion. He wanted to be known as the man who enriched the city coffers through keen fiscal management as opposed to the déclassé dollars of ticket summons. A man who on his own admission took few vacations and growled when asked about it. The verbal jousting works with the fifth estate, but when it comes to dealing with the big guys on a global scale, Rudy has to tone it down. Perhaps he should take a course in anger management as part of his presidential makeover.

View Rudy's rage at Search box title: Rudy In The Raw (2)

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