Monday, February 19, 2007

RUDY IN THE RAW (view tape @

Before he was made over by 911, Rudy Giuliani was a sparring partner for the press. He ducked, he dodged, and he punched. Sometimes, below the belt. On a good day, he was charming. He would flash that megawatt grin with paternal reassurance. On a bad day, “Moody Rudy” was known to snap like a Taliban trained pit bull.When 911 occurred, the magical metamorphosis of Rudy began. The horrific events of the day seemed to have a Ritalin like effect on him. He became calm, steady and almost kind. The Rudy we knew evaporated into the dust cloud of World Trade. But then again, did it really? Rudy, like a chameleon knows how to survive. Adapt to the environment. The chameleon can adapt but unlike the caterpillar will never evolve into a butterfly. Giuliani could become president, but he will never be a statesman. In the days going forward, YOUR FREE PRESS will blog video of Rudy b.911. The Rudy we knew before his presidential personality makeover. In the context of Presidents Day, we bring you a video of another President in training. Former California Governor, Pete Wilson, Giuliani supporter then and now, entertained a bid for the White House. His campaign fell short of money, momentum and support. But....he still has a seat at Rudy's table.

The videotape of the press conference with Giuliani and Wilson can be viewed on Google Video. Go to the Google Video search box. Type "Rudy In The Raw". Hit the button and enjoy the ride.
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