Tuesday, February 27, 2007


In 1999, Gabor Demszky, Mayor of Budapest, Hungary paid a visit to City Hall. Budapest is part of the Sister City program. A cooperative cultural venture with countries around the world. Demsky remarked that the Budapest police force was modeled after NYPD. A noble gesture except that it apparently duplicated some of the less laudable features of NYC's finest.

"Another survey published recently indicates a high level of abuse of prisoners in Hungary with Roma (Gypsies) particularly vulnerable. One third of seven hundred individuals questioned in a survey conducted by the Hungarian Helsinki committee and the Constitutional Legislative Police Institute in Hungarian prisons said they had been subjected to police abuse. The study which was published on December 23 also found that foreign prisoners, Roma and young offenders were more often exposed to police violence than others." Sound familiar? Looks like Rudy has managed to export police brutality. The Roma people are the underclass of Europe. Their complaints echo those of minority populations here in the states. However, one philanthropist has heeded the call. George Soros, was born in Hungary. He generously contributes to the Roma Rights program. A billionaire, he is often criticized for his penchant to leftist causes. Through his organization, The Open Society, he once launched a multimilion dollar stop Bush movement. Bush is still there but Soros did announce to YOUR FREE PRESS that he intended to support Barack Obama. So.....he may not get the invite to dine with Rudy G. like Demszy, but he is welcome to share my rice and beans anytime. Video of Soros can be viewed at www.video.google.com Search box: Rudy In the Raw (5)
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