Wednesday, February 7, 2007


As former mayor Rudolph Giuliani slides into announcing his candidacy for president, his wife fades into the political scene. Yesterday's New York Post cover featured the two in a passionate lip lock. The cover feature detailed an upcoming article in Harper's Bazaar magazine. Judy Nathan, the subject of the article, talks about the romantic and virile Rudy. Now one could only wonder as to why we want to know about Rudy the Lothario. Is it titillating? Yes. But is it relevant to his proposed position as commander and chief. No.
What it is appears to be is a feeble public relations attempt to bolster his appeal to the female vote. But it is no more than a photo op at it's best and a portrait in poor taste at it's worst. Judy can play the seductress in New York, but that ticket will not sell in Idaho. Down in the Bible belt where girls are taking chastity vows,
they call women like Judy, Madame X. And if she doesn't show a more conservative image, we can call her Madame Hex. Presidential candidates and their wives are tied together at the hip. Even when their mates prefer to remain in the background, they are still under scrutiny. Sex sells. No doubt about it. But, the image of a testosterone fueled Rudy post prostate cancer is ponderable. And his wife marketing his virility is tasteless. This public relations faux pas will not get her a guest spot on Christian Brothers Network. T. Roosevelt said it best. “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. Rudy......are you listening?
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