Friday, February 23, 2007


As winter turns slowly into spring, Rudy Giuliani’s poll numbers are beginning to bloom. The latest numbers showed him ahead of Obama and Clinton. With the primary looming in the distance, all is subject to change.
Giuliani boasts of support from the Liberal, Democratic and the Republican Party in his reelection as mayor. He also states that he governs with a non-partisan philosophy. It now remains to be seen if he courts the same allegiance in his bid for the presidency.

Since the Republicans will be putting out some big bucks to advance Rudy’s cause, they will demand a certain loyalty. Now I wouldn’t exactly call Rudy a free spirit, but he has taken some politically independent stands. His endorsement of Mario Cuomo among others cost him a hug from Al D’Amato. His stand on abortion and gay rights has clenched many a Connecticut lockjaw shut.

But then again, Rudy has always been ambitious enough to behave until he gets what he wants. If he lists a little more to the right, which he appears to be doing, he could gain some points. The ultimate test is whether he can make his old political party hat trick work in the presidential race. See Rudy roll his comments on the subject at Search box :
Rudy In the Raw (3)
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