Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Richard (Little Ricky) Izquierdo Arroyo throws temper tantrum on Facebook

Bob Kappstatter

Tuesday, May 4th 2010, 4:00 AM

Richard (Little Ricky) Izquierdo Arroyo threw a nasty little snit fit on Facebook recently.

Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo's grandson/chief of staff and Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo's nephew, Little Ricky is due for sentencing in federal court June 25 on a guilty plea of stealing 200Gs from a nonprofit. The group is linked to the Arroyos' South Bronx fiefdom, around which the feds have been sniffin'.

We won't ID his target, who's in a wheelchair recovering from a stroke, but here's Ricky's syntactically challenged run-on rant:

"You don't know as much as you think you do, you read papers whose only concern is sensationalism and selling their rags. For sure you don't know me. My aunt never funded my agency that is the garbage the papers write, however its not true. Seems like the truth really doesn't matter. So you are a has been with lots of time on your hands to pass judgment. Which hand do you type with? Aren't you crippled? You should spend your time on more important things like writing a will, funeral planning, etc."

Ricky faces a year in Chez Fed - unless the judge decides maybe the 10-year max might convince him to talk to prosecutors about Granny and Aunty.

Jose challengers

Community lawyer and former cop Sergio Villaverde is going after Assemblyman Jose Rivera's Fordham/Kingsbridge seat, but while his Ben Franklin Reform Dem Club can campaign for him, it can't endorse him.

As Dem Party Boss in 2002, Jose gerrymandered district lines so the club, on the south side of W. 231st St., sits just outside his 78th Assembly District.

Riverdale Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz wants to squash rumors he put Villaverde up to challenging Jose. "He's his own person," said Jeff, adding: "and a person of substance." (wink, wink, nod, nod)

Meanwhile, ex-state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez's son Carlos is reported challenging Jose for his district leader's job there.

There's grumbling in the Gonzalez camp that Jose just didn't do enough with organization muscle to help save Efrain from the Pedro Espada steamroller.

Efrain, it must be pointed out, was also under indictment at the time, charged with stealing state funding. He's now awaiting sentencing.

So, is Jose vulnerable?

Depends on whether he can make some kind of peace with Dem Boss Carl Heastie. If not, he could be in trouble.

"County did some polling when it was challenging [ex-City Councilwoman] Maria Baez," said one partycrat, "and the one with worse numbers than her was Jose Rivera."

Wabbit Hunter

We hear some boro Dems are a bit leery should challenger Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter pull a Joan of Arc and topple Pedro Espada's political reign.

The problem is her ties (she's an executive board member) to the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, a big force in the battle to kill the Kingsbridge Armory mall deal, with Pilgrim-Hunter their point person.

The group's roots are in radical Saul Alinsky's community organizing school of agitation, confrontation and exaggeration for the greater glory.

A number of pols have told us privately they may have to live with the NWBCCC, but they'd hate to see it empowered any more than it already is.

Green Tea

And speaking of Pilgrim-Hunter, seems she has the borough's nascent Green Party seeing red.

Green Party leader John Reynolds says he and party members "earlier this year repeatedly attempted to contact" her or her supporters to discuss putting her name on the Green Party line or supporting her against the Wascally Wabbit. They finally gave up.

Meanwhile, Anthony Melé, 51, a Rockland-based businessman and Tea Party organizer there, says he's challenging 11-term/ Bronx, Westchester, Rockland Rep. Eliot Engel.

Justice delayed

West Bronx Assemblyman Nelson Castro, being challenged by District Leader Hector Ramirez, has been waiting over a year for Bronx DA Rob Johnson to either indict him or clear his name on perjury charges.

With serious campaign time just about here, Johnson could find himself accused of playing Bronx politics (Heaven forbid!) if he doesn't move soon on the investigation.

Castro testified in a civil suit that he didn't know a half dozen of his relatives were registered to vote using his one-bedroom apartment as their address.

Nelson told us he's confident there's no case there.

Johnson's spokesman, Steven (No Comment) Reed, as usual, had no comment.

Tippecanoe and Ollie, too

What is this fascination Riverdale Councilman Ollie Koppell has for swimming in the Bronx River?

He keeps falling out of his canoe, as happened last Saturday when his canoe hit rough waters at the annual Bronx River Flotilla.

Musical precincts

With crime spiking, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly moved a bunch of commanders around the city last week, but the boro moves were long in the works.

Inspector Kevin Harrington moved from the 4-6 in Morris Heights to adjutant of borough HQ, while Deputy Inspector Tim Bugge (Boo-zhay) swung from Morrisania's 4-2 into the 4-6. Capt. John Bloch from the Bronx Impact Response Team takes the 4-2.

Mosh pit

Bedford Parkers Erin and Lou Cicalese of the fun Boogie Downer (boogiedowner.blogspot.com), forming Friends of Mosholu to advocate for Mosholu Parkway - "The Great Lawn of the Bronx," which connects Van Cortlandt Park to Bronx Park and the Botanical Garden.

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