Saturday, May 8, 2010

32BJ Endorses Senator Schneiderman For NYS Attorney General

Video by Rafael Martínez Alequín

Service Employees International Union 32BJ, made its first endorsement at City Hall in the 2010 State races. They endorses State Senator Eric Schdeiderman, one of several candidates seeking the office of attorney general, now held by Andrew Cuomo, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for State Governor.

Hector Figueroa, Secretary Treasurer of 32BJ, called the absent 32BJ President Mike Fishman a "champion of the working class" and a strong advocate against corruption." (Mr. Fishman was in Washington attending the election for the union International President.) When I asked what he thinks of the Cuomo's corruption investigation in Albany, Senator Schneiderman said I expect and I intend to take over the investigation in January. I called on Senator Espada to step-down as majority leader of the senate. Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, another candidate for Attorney General, also called for Espada to step-down as majority Leader.

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