Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laura Bush Backs Gay Marriage, Abortion Rights

When it comes to gay marriage and abortion rights, Laura Bush says she and former President George W. Bush have simply agreed to disagree. She's for both, he's against them.

The former first lady said on "Larry King Live" Tuesday she "totally" understands "what George thinks and what other people think about marriage being between a man and a woman. . . . But I also know that, you know, when couples are committed to each other and love each other that they ought to have, I think, the same sort of rights that everyone has." Click play below to watch:

"You think [legalization of same sex marriage] is coming?" King asked.

Citing a "generational" shift in opinion on the issue, she replied, "Yeah, that will come, I think."

Mrs. Bush also said she believes abortion should remain legal -- and has held that view for years -- and she recalled telling an interviewer on the day her husband took office in 2001 that she did not think Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

"This was the very morning my husband was about to be inaugurated," she explained to King. "And I thought, do I really want to start my husband's presidency, you know, suggesting that a Supreme Court rule being overturned? And I said no."

But she said abortion is "important for medical reasons, and other reasons."

Laura Bush, who is promoting her book "Spoken From the Heart," acknowledged that gay marriage was a key social issue in her husband's 2004 reelection campaign. After gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts, the president endorsed a constitutional amendment that would prohibit it. "I understand his viewpoint," she said. "And he understands mine."
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