Have a nice weekend, Mr. Mayor? Don’t ask.

That was the takeaway from Mayor Bloomberg’s reaction to a question from NY1’s Josh Robin, who inquired as to where Hizzoner might have been when a Staten Island ferry crashed Saturday.

While Gov. David Paterson and NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly were at the accident scene, the mayor was nowhere to be found, leaving some to speculate he was at one of his vacation houses – perhaps Bermuda?

The mayor stressed today that he had monitored the situation by phone and there were no major injuries. Aides also pointed out Bloomberg was not at the scene of a similar crash last summer and didn’t experience the same kind of (muted) criticism greeting this absence.

Here’s the exchange:

Q: Mayor, how was your weekend?

Bloomberg: It was fine, how was yours?

Q: It was great. Just was wondering…

Bloomberg: Any other questions? This is not a social thing. We’re trying to make it business.

Q: There have been, obviously, some complaints about you not coming to the ferry crash…

Bloomberg: I didn’t hear ‘em so I’m not sure whether there are but if you’ve reported them you’ve found someone to complain. What was the problem?

Q: Can you just, anecdotally, this has been a topic over the last several years. What is your thought about your presence actually being at these big disasters?

A: The National Transportation Safety Board is really looking at this accident. They’re the professionals. And we are working closely with them, giving them the kind of assistance they need.

The mayor then indicated that authorities believe a mechanical failure caused the crash and appropriate procedures had been followed. Thirty-five people were injured, all released.