Friday, May 28, 2010

Former New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson Endorses Tony Avella for State Senate

Bill Thompson Endorses his former mayoral rival Tony Avella for State Senate against Senator Frank Padavan.

"I am pleased to endorse Tony Avella for the New York State Senate. Tony has always been a strong independent voice in government and he will continue to put the interests of his constituents and all citizens of this city and state above those of the special interests," stated Thompson.

"Bill Thompson and I are united in our belief that Albany needs to change and the people of this state deserve to have elected officials in fighting for the interest of the people and not their own personal gain," stated Avella.

There are two Frank Padavans.”

There’s the one who fixes your potholes, Avella said, and there’s the one who goes to Albany and turns into “a totally radical Republican" who goes along with the Senate’s dysfunctional way of doing things. Avella told the reporters that Padavan accepted a $34,000 lulu when Republicans controlled the Senate and “did Joe Bruno’s bidding.

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Video by Rafael Martínez Alequín for YFP.

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