Monday, April 19, 2010

New York Is Hurt, Too, By The Volcanic Ash

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Volcanic ash from Iceland has grounded flights across Europe and to the continent since April 14. (Armar Thorisson/Associated Press)

It's obvious that the grounding of flights in and out of Europe is costing that continent untold amounts of money. But there's a residual affect on the other side of the Atlantic as well.

Officials in New York City are estimating that they are losing some $250 million in revenue due to the grounding of European tourists who had booked flights to JFK.

Weekend test flights through the ash proved successful, and there are calls on the European Union to allow flights to resume. But aviation experts are concerned that it might not be until a second or third flight that a jet engine sucking in the fine particles spewed by the Icelandic volcano could bring a jet down. So they are urging a continuation of the ground stop as a prudent cautionary move.

The volcano has sent new tremors and the spewed ash is hanging at a lower altitude today.

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