Sunday, April 25, 2010


The state Senator who represents the poorest senatorial district in New York State, dines exquisitely on sushi. Pedro Espada racked up a bill for $20,000 at two tony Asian restaurants in Mamaroneck, New York. Toyo and Red Plum. Although the amount is spread out over a period of time, it still boggles the mind.

In a district where the average cost of dining out on a plate of rice and beans rarely exceeds $5, Espada has managed to exceed the per capital income of his constituients via his consumption of
rice and fish.

Speculation that his Soundview Healthcare Center footed the bill is yet to be proven. But whether the funds were derived from government allocated monies for poor diabetics or the slush fund of his senate budget, it is still a stunning allegation.

The formerly homeless, boxer, teenage father, Pedro has a lot of explain' to do. And although his accomplishments are many, his lies exceed such. King Pedro has built a fiefdom with Soundview Healthcare Center and his political office. He employed and enriched several family members at the expense of his larger family, the community.

Peter Chen, co-owner of Toyo and Red Plum where Espada dines elaborates on the good customer. See video above.
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