Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charlie King To Serve as Executive Director Of State Democratic Party

video by Rafael Martínez Alequín for the YFP

Democrat Chairman Jay Jacobs announce the selection of Charlie King to serve as Executive Director of the state Democratic Party for 2010 Election Cycle. Mr. Charlie King said that the organization will act as a "truth squad" for the 2010 ticket, get in back on the Republicans when they "distort, micharacterize or talk in code."
King settled quickly into his new role, unleashing on Rick Lazio (for accepting a Wall Street bonus), Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy (for “pay-to-play”), Carl Paladino (’nuff said), and even state GOP Chairman Ed Cox (for giving Levy “a pass” for jokes about black people and “anchor babies,” while taking Paladino to task).

” What I’m going to do is when Republicans decide to distort, mischaracterize or talk in code, I’m not going to be shy about pointing that out or having the state party point that out,” King responded. “The party gets to take on the attack dog position, OK you can say that.”

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