Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carl Paladino Seeking white supremacist and bestiality voters


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He wants to be governor of New York. But Carl Paladino is under attack today for sending racist emails.

Among the missives Paladino, who seeks the Republican nomination for governor and who has the support of the Tea Party, emailed was a video mocking President Obama - one that's popular among white supremacists. It depicted an African tribal dance and is described as an "Obama inauguration dress rehearsal." Another email contains the "n" word.

He also emailed porn - including one that involves bestiality.

He's lost the support of his own party. The state Republican party has joined the Democratic party in condemning Paladino, a millionaire, who maintains he is not a racist.

Paladino has shown no indication that he will withdraw from the race. It won't be particularly shocking if he continues his run. What will be shocking is that, in this day and age, anyone would actually vote for him.

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