Saturday, April 24, 2010

Espada Storms Off WCBS2 Set During Interview

Espada takes off his microphone (left), leaves the WCBS 2 set

For all you Pedro Espada critics—or fans—out there, you may want to set your DVRs to tape WCBS 2's "Eye on New York" at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. Because the State Senate Majority Leader huffed and puffed and blew his top in the middle of an interview, storming off the set during the taping. And it was all over how WCBS 2 reporter Marcia Kramer confronted him last year about actually living in Westchester and not in his Bronx district.

First, WCBS 2 showed a clip explaining Espada's various troubles—being accused of siphoning $14 million from the non-profit he runs, the possibility of criminal charges—after which he said, "Anyone watching what we just watched would think I am a hired assassin or some underground Mafioso. This is overkill to say the minimum; I mean this goes way beyond the pay of decency."

But he became furious when Kramer brought up how he apparently seemed to disguise himself when she caught him at his Mamaroneck home (see the 2009 video):

Espada: "The orange cap that I wear, I was not hiding from anybody. I've owned that home since 1991."

Kramer: "Senator, when I tried to talk to you, you got into a car, you put a baby in front of your face so that I wouldn't be able to get a picture of you, and you had your wife tear out of the driveway when the baby wasn't in the car seat."

Espada: "Marcia Kramer, this is not a mud-slinging session so I say. If you wanna make it that, you can come hide in the bushes in my house. … Human decency should prevail, even on this show."

Then Espada took his microphone off. Kramer said to him, "Senator what we're trying to do is give you the opportunity to answer these questions," but Espada asked, off camera, "Please direct me to the way out please." Espada has never liked Kramer's questions!

In the meantime, you can watch Espada's rebuttal to Cuomo's investigation on NY1's Inside City Hall. Espada said during that interview, "The truth of the matter here is that lies work, politically motivated tricks work, for a while, until the truth catches up with it. And the truth will catch up with Mr. Cuomo. I'm not only one or the first one that he has investigated and tried to destroy this political season to get where he wants to be, the anointed governor of New York State." No wonder Pedro calls Andy "The Prince of Darkness."

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arrest espada now said...

Marcia Kramer ROCKS!!!

She made Espada squirm. He probably shit his silk underwear when he realized she wasnt going to take it easy on his lying ass. He put a baby in front of him to avoid having his picture taken? Why didnt ACS or State Social Workers pay a visit to Espada for using a child as a human shield? Where is his decency?

Mafioso? He wishes...dude is a wanna be Michael Corleone but his stupid ass is more like Fredo...and we all know what happened to Fredo, dont we? LOL