Friday, July 31, 2009

WBAI Turmoil

The progressive radio station, WBAI (99.5) FM labors on in controversy. The parent board, Pacifica Radio, rode in from California a few weeks ago and purged the station of some of it's key players. One of whom was controversial program director, Bernard White. White's critics allege that he maintained two sets of accounting books and misappropriated funds. They also charge
that White, who is Black, contributed to racial polarization amongst staff members and listeners.

White (see photo) spoke out at a recent meeting:

To date, no hardcore evidence has been presented in regards to White's alleged financial misdeeds. However, the war with words and microphones continues.
I'm waiting.
by Frank LeFever
( HelpFixWBAI (at) yahoo (dot) com ) Thursday Jul 2nd, 2009 7:47 PM
So far, Bernard has not made an out-right assertion that he never "mis-allocated" any WBAI funds.

He deflects questions about this with a "rhetorical" question.

He asserts that any allegations about mis-allocation of funds is "absurd".

However, he is careful not to deny, in writing, that he ever mis-allocated WBAI funds.

Similarly, he is careful not to say he will permit disclosure of what was said in the most recent executive session at which his performance was discussed.
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